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RatedPower was born to revolutionize the renewable energy industry.

We are a team of engineers and developers with broad experience in the energy sector. After many years working on the development, construction, and engineering of solar photovoltaic plants, we joined forces and decided to streamline design processes to come with a more efficient and accurate solution.

We work day by day to bring the maximum value to developers, IPPs, contractors, investors, and manufacturers, and to help them make better decisions. Our intuitive and collaborative tool allows any kind of user to generate and explore a multitude of plant proposals and unravel the best ones, and it provides detailed analysis for each of them.

We not only have achieved our primary goal, but we outdid ourselves: our tool now covers all the design phases of a PV plant, we have our own energy production model and we generate hundreds of pages of tailor-made engineering documentation. All of it in just a few seconds.

By merging technology and engineering, we aim to strengthen the renewable energy industry, bringing cost reduction and maximizing the efficiency of solar plant deployment. Our ultimate goal? To accelerate the energy transition by contributing to the proliferation of solar energy worldwide.

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To merge technology and engineering making photovoltaics accessible to everyone

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To accelerate the transition to make solar power the world's main energy source

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Integrity, Reliability, Quality, Innovation, Diversity, Efficiency & Effectiveness

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